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Data analysis, August 8, 6 am, based on poll of August 7.

Posted by dial_m_4_murder on 2005.08.08 at 05:52
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Well, I have finally compiled all the information gathered from the (50) volunteers who filled out my request for information.

Human: 43
---Mutant: 1
Not human: 7

Male: 31
Female: 19

(Not known, but considered teenager): 5
2: 1 (looks 12)
3: 1 (appears 14, has lived 18 years)
11: 1
12: 1
13: 4
14: 6
15: 11
16: 4
17: 6
18: 2
19: 2
20: 1
21: 1
23: 1
28: 1 (Counsellor)
29: 1 (Counsellor)
82: 1 (appears mid-teenager)
300+: 1

Major Skills/Interests
Computing: 5
Dance: 2
Data collection: 6
Exorcism: 1
Gunmanship: 4
Invention/machinery: 5
Magic-use: 5
Martial arts: 11
Music: 3
Science: 6
Tactics: 5
Tennis: 4
Video games: 3

Some professions
Monster-killer: 2
Ninja: 2
Pilot: 2
Pirate: 1
Slave: 1
Superhero: 5

Notable connections and/or personal status
Nobility/upper class: 6
Connection to an orphanage: 4
Military/govt connection: 13
Known to have committed murder: 5
Last survivor of his clan: 1
Religious/occult connection: 11
Member of a secret society: 6


From various alternate versions of our 'Earth'
American: 4
---New York: 1
---LA: 1
---Other California: 1
Canadian: 1
---Green Gables: 1
China (Ancient): 3
---Wei: 1
---Chengdu: 1
---Wu: 1
England: 4
European region of the Earth Sphere Alliance: 1
Japan: 20
---Fukuoka: 2
---Fuuka: 2
---Tokyo: 13
------Kanto Region: 2
------Karakura: 3
------Shinjuku: 1
------Region not given: 7
---City not given: 3
The South Pole: 1

From other locations not associated with our Earth
Amesteris: 2
Coruscant: 1
Country of Fire: 2
Country of Field: 1
December City: 1
---Specific colony not given: 1
---Aprilius 1: 1
Shin Makoku: 2
Tamaran: 1
Tenel: 2
Windfall Island: 1

Note on the 'Gundam' people from the PLANT colonies' and their divisions, at the time of their arrival:
Heine (ZAFT) (FAITH)
Athrun (ZAFT) (FAITH)
Yzak (ZAFT)
Rey (ZAFT)
Shinn (ZAFT)
Meer (ZAFT)
Lacus (Clyne faction)
Kira (Clyne Faction)
Stellar (Extended)
Auel (Extended)
** Note: No normal Naturals have arrived from this world, and apparently Extended are quite rare among Naturals as few survive the labs. Note also that the FAITH elite are likewise extremely rare. **

My preliminary conclusions are that the campers are not, in fact, being randomly selected. Admittedly, the data is ultimately inconclusive as it only contains data from 50 of the campers, and thus is nowhere near a complete set, but preliminary analysis indicates that the groups selected from tend to share certain unusual characteristics. I would be interested in expanding my data by posting polls to the community with these major overlapping areas focused on, as people are more likely to fill out a fast-click poll than they are to fill out text information. I also would like to add several areas -- number of surviving parental units, etc. But as things are, it looks to me that the campers are being selected from certain areas, or for certain skills, or for shared connections/abilities.

What this indicates to me is that either:
a) the Director knows the murderer of her lover, and the method the murder was done, and is slowly gathering people with certain skill sets/etc for a reason related to it.
b) there was no 'Stephan', and the Director is gathering people with these shared data for another reason. In this case, with appropriate data analysis, we may be able to determine some things relating to her goals.



(Deleted comment)
dial_m_4_murder at 2005-08-08 22:42 (UTC) (Link)
A valid point. Although I'm not certain she could have determined that -- well, yes, she can. Hmm.

-- Ah, were you? Are there any other FAITH members? Mr. Westenfluss had warned me that his information was out of date as he only was kept up-to-date until the time of his death.
for_the_han at 2005-08-08 12:12 (UTC) (Link)
Oh! I forgot to give you my kingdom name. Shu.
dial_m_4_murder at 2005-08-08 22:46 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, thank you, Mrs -- ? -- Huang.
Susan Sto Helit
thanatemp at 2005-08-08 17:18 (UTC) (Link)
I came upon this late and I think the original poll got lost in all the other messages, but here's my information. Susan Sto Helit, I'm sixteen, female, and I attend a boarding school in the city of Quirm. I'm nominally Duchess of Sto Helit but I don't pay too much attention to that. Anything else you need?
dial_m_4_murder at 2005-08-08 22:47 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, Miss Sto Helit. If possible, can you read over the other aspects of the quiz -- major interests (music, etc), connections (occult, etc), and mention if you have any of those?
Susan Sto Helit
thanatemp at 2005-08-09 04:00 (UTC) (Link)

Major interests... I enjoy logic and mathematics the most. I'm not too fond of history or geography, and I have no idea how anybody could expound on daffodils for more than a paragraph. I'm also good at lacrosse, rounders, and field hockey...well, if they didn't always pick me last for teams.

...er. Occult?


...Will you think I'm mad if I said I was Death's granddaughter?
Inui Sadaharu
inui_log at 2005-08-08 19:49 (UTC) (Link)
Very interesting. *copies down all the data* Although, I am 91% alarmed at the number of campers who have admitted to murder.

I agree with the patterns. The age graph, in particular, appears to be a fairly normal bell curve. The fact that a significant number of campers have other acquaintances from their home here indicates that the campers are not being randomly chosen.

I am 75% more inclined to agree with your second theory than your first. The method that the "Camp Director" is using to exact justice is too nonsensical. However, as I am unable to determine the exact level of sanity is the Director, your first theory cannot be ruled out.

An in-depth questionnaire would be reveal more useful data. I could attempt to develop one, unless you are already creating one.
dial_m_4_murder at 2005-08-08 22:55 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, the murder data isn't entirely accurate. For one thing, it only reflects the data of the people who replied to the survey; I am aware of several others who have answered the survey who have committed murder somewhere in their past. Moreover, only one person who actually answered the survey confessed to having committed murder in his past (Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is currently a priest, shot and killed a man when he was 7); the others were filled in by data I knew about the people in question from sources other than the survey (for example, Nishi told Ari that his favourite method of murder was by knife because then he could "make it last as long as he needs to"; although Nishi didn't mention this when he filled out the survey, I knew this fact about him and so included the data; if he had not taken the survey at all, I would not have included him in the data of people known to commit murder). Thus, the actual number of people here who have committed murder may be much higher.

I believe the second theory to be more likely myself, but as the Camp Director is commonly assumed to be entirely mad with grief, I didn't want to remove the first. Though it is clear she has something in mind with the people she is selecting.

Please feel free, Mr. Inui. I would be grateful for the assistance.
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