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[information gathering]

Posted by _diesmiling_ on 2006.01.12 at 03:21
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I realize that this may not be the place for this, and if the member list is worried about being known, of course, I do not expect answers. But I am afraid I'm rather a late arrival to this camp and I was wondering what was known to date; a number of the posts here were informative, but relied on basic knowledge I suspect I must be missing.

For my part, I of course have little to add, but I've not heart anything from this Camp Director during the entire time I was here -- I'm given to understand she used to talk more. Do you believe this to be significant at all?

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Posted by number1idol on 2005.11.03 at 21:08
This is still Mello, by the way.

Theoretical analysis of data gatheredCollapse )

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Data analysis, August 8, 6 am, based on poll of August 7.

Posted by dial_m_4_murder on 2005.08.08 at 05:52
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Well, I have finally compiled all the information gathered from the (50) volunteers who filled out my request for information.

ResultsCollapse )

My preliminary conclusions are that the campers are not, in fact, being randomly selected. Admittedly, the data is ultimately inconclusive as it only contains data from 50 of the campers, and thus is nowhere near a complete set, but preliminary analysis indicates that the groups selected from tend to share certain unusual characteristics. I would be interested in expanding my data by posting polls to the community with these major overlapping areas focused on, as people are more likely to fill out a fast-click poll than they are to fill out text information. I also would like to add several areas -- number of surviving parental units, etc. But as things are, it looks to me that the campers are being selected from certain areas, or for certain skills, or for shared connections/abilities.

What this indicates to me is that either:
a) the Director knows the murderer of her lover, and the method the murder was done, and is slowly gathering people with certain skill sets/etc for a reason related to it.
b) there was no 'Stephan', and the Director is gathering people with these shared data for another reason. In this case, with appropriate data analysis, we may be able to determine some things relating to her goals.


Member Organization

Posted by justice_pie on 2005.08.06 at 18:15
The more organized we are, the more efficient and thorough we will become. As such, I am making a list of our very few current members, and I would like you all to comment with information about yourself and your strongest assets. After N, M and I have reviewed the data, we will assign you roles within the group, from bodyguards to recruitment.


Please lock your comments so that they are visible only to myself, N, or M.

(OOC: If you have a suggestion as to what 'function' you want your character to be, please, do let us know. Also, ICly, the list is locked so that the members cannot see who the other members are - confidentiality is god! - unless one chooses to reveal the fact that they are participating in the group. Comments are visible to all within the group unless specified. <3)

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Posted by latrine_orderly on 2005.08.01 at 11:38
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You know, an interesting observation I've had while here is that the campers will eat nearly anything in the name of festivity.

Furthermore, I have noticed that the toucans have a certain number of interesting properties that we have not yet fully explored. I would be willing to bet that it should not be too difficult, hypothetically speaking, to create a variety of useful substances. Truth syrum, as an example.

So let us presume for a moment that the guilty party is aware of his or her crime. A large presumption, perhaps, considering the nature of this place, but not a totally unreasonable one. I ask you, then, is there not immediate and efficient solution to our problem?

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Posted by dial_m_4_murder on 2005.07.28 at 14:01
Well, I suppose someone ought to get some WORK done right now, feh.

So, here's a general starter post: What have you been able to determine about the murder case? Answer in comments.